Well-being :

feel inspired by reality

September 25
By aspiring to live mindfully a little more often every day, I draw inspiration from my daily life, from significant events to small discoveries to develop my classes. It is by creating links between the information acquired throughout the day and the concepts of yoga that my practice and my teaching become invigorating and community-based.
With its softness and depth, Marika Hackman's voice makes my body and mind levitate.

oh, baby, every morning there are mountains to climb

taking all my time

oh, when i get up,

this is what i see

welcome to reality


I like to start my morning practices with his cover of Realiti (by Grimes), contemplating: What are the “mountains” that I have to overcome today? Refining my practice of discernment: which mountains prove to be challenges real rather than my anxiety-biased impression of what is important.

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